VA Photos

VA Photos…with the story

I’m excited to share with you my Virtual Assistant Seminar photos courtesy of my good friend Rosalie Limpo!

The first batch is my first time attending Jomar Hilario’s Online Breakthrough Seminar for VA aspirants dated November 5,2011.

Nice place isn’t it? The seminar was held in a club inside Rosewood Pointe Residences in  Taguig City where Jomar and his family is residing. We used the Rosewood Pointe clubhouse and the seminar was from 9 am to 6 pm with morning snacks, lunch pack and merienda. But we can eat and drink whenever we want because there were available snacks all the time. There were coffee, tea, water, biscuits and candies for munchies. There was in between breaks from time to time for stretching the body, mingling with other participants, powder retouch or comfort from the call of nature. It’s fun because Jomar has his own humor. He was there not only to educate, share and encourage but also to entertain. We also had guest speakers, which are already successful VAs to inspire us.

This second batch of photos below were taken during my second time attending the same seminar, but entitled as The Virtual Assistant Seminar last September 15,2012.

It was also held in the same venue and the same time but with different coordinators and there were a lot of them and a lot of us too. The wannabe VA’s are multiplying! So the atmosphere was kind of different. It’s jollier, noisier and friendlier.

The second seminar was basically the same with my first one, but this time there were video feedback recording on site aside from the usual paper form feedback. Those who volunteered on feedback video recording was given a chance to have a one-on-one talk with Jomar himself. After the packing up of the seminar, Jomar gave discounts to first 7 participants who will voluntarily avail of his OMC2 (Online Mentoring Club 2) package. I was the 8th participant who stood up so I was supposed to be  not included but God knows why, the kind lady coordinator willingly added me to the list!

At this time also, the assignments were rigid and longer than before. Much challenging to the bone but it was all fun because my group in facebook – which comprises of my long time friends who joined me to the seminar and our newly found friends in the seminar created a group of what we call “the Team Pacquiao” or the Teampac for short. Here we advise, support and share to one another as we go along doing our new challenges which is the assignment as VA’s in the near future. And it’s good to break the news that one of us has made it already, she’s now a certified VA! It’s very nice for the group, very inspiring, a very helpful feeling.

By this second event of Jomar Hilario’s VA seminar, I can say that it was livelier the second time around and I felt the readiness and openness that I need in aspiring this new road of my life.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed my Jomar Hilario’s seminars!



  1. I like the way you compile the photos…very neat!

  2. Congratulations for this brainchild of yours!

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    • Thanks Roldanking for the cheers and your advice is highly noted as well. Yeah, I was thinking about buying the domain name and still reluctant but you made a good point! tnx.

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