Odesk Badges

Earning VA Certifications from Odesk

Hi visitors! Below are my Odesk certifications which I preferably call “My Odesk Stamps”. By the way, my Odesk stamps collections are part of my VA seminar assignments, so if you’re an aspiring virtual assistant, you should take online exams to certify your potentials too.

My Odesk Stamps

oDesk Certified oDesk Contractor oDesk Certified CSS 2.0 Designer
oDesk Certified English (Sentence Structure) Expert oDesk Certified WordPress Expert
oDesk Certified English Vocabulary (U.S. Version) Professional oDesk Certified WordPress Developer
oDesk Certified English Spelling (U.S. Version) Professional oDesk Certified Search Engine Optimization Consultant
oDesk Certified Photography Professional oDesk Certified Web Graphics Design Designer
oDesk Certified Adobe Photoshop CS3 Designer oDesk Certified HTML 4.01 Designer

How to take Odesk exams

If you want to get certified for your job postings, try taking exams in Odesk. Masters online are encouraging job hunters to do this. It helps boosts your profile to hiring contractors. Odesk is an online job posting and hiring site, virtually available all over the world which offers these online tests and displays results with your profile. Odesk badges are  proofs that somehow you  master your profession, making you even more qualified for a higher bid.

To start your exam, you should do the following steps below:

  • Go to odesk.com site by typing odesk.com in your browser’s address bar.
  • address bar
  • Once there, click the Sign up button for you to be a part of the Odesk contractors.
  • signup
  • Select “I need a job”  and click the Sign up button.
  • need a job
  • Fill up the form.
  • fill up form
  • At the end of the page, click get started button.
  • get started
  • Your account will now appear. In the “Launch your oDesk Career” are the steps to be taken to have an effective working profile.
  • your account
  • First, Take the oDesk Readiness quiz, a must exam for all aspiring VAs. This exam is about how well you know the oDesk program, which you will download and install in your desktop. This oDesk program will be your time and project manager in connection with your client.
  • odesk application
  • odesk team
  • In order to take the exam, click the “Test” menu.
  • test menu
  • Once there, click-select an exam.take test
  • The start test page will appear next. Click “Start Test.”
  • start test
  • Test instructions follows. Click “Start Test.”
  • test instructions
  • This is where you start your exam, but before you take the actual exam, I suggest you take a mock test first so you can have an idea of the scope and the feel of taking the oDesk exam.

Taking a mock test before the actual exam

First, decide what test to take then google the test solution, which is almost always available when you search for it because other takers have blogged about it. Others have answers but don’t depend on it, search the answers yourself to be really sure. This already will you give you an idea of the scope of the test, so you feel confident to the actual one.

Just a few last notes, if you get to top or get part of the top percentage of test takers, odesk will reward you with a specially made theme for high rankers and will display your rankings as well. Top rankers will definitely rule the client’s priority list of contractors to contact, so do your best and aim to be one of the best if not the best!

Test solution in the net



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