Lengthy Tutorials

Hi there! My lengthy tutorials are no more less than a 100 slides so you know what to expect in my “Lengthy Tutorials” page. But if you happen to read my “About this blog” section, you will know that these presentation slideshows are part of my Virtual Assistant Seminar requirements and I’m gladly sharing it with you. Click on any of the thumbnails below and you’re there!

Carbonmade Tutorial

Flickr Tutorial

Ge.tt Tutorial

VLC Tutorial

Evernote Tutorial

Backupify Tutorial

PicMonkey Tutorial

Animoto Tutorial

Prezi Tutorial

Basecamp Tutorial

Browse Carbonmade belowCarbonmade Tutorial

Browse Flickr belowFlickr Tutorial

Browse Ge.tt belowGe.tt Tutorial

Browse VLC belowVideoLAN Client (VLC) Tutorial

Browse Evernote belowEvernote Tutorial

Browse Backupify belowBackupify Tutorial

Browse PicMonkey belowPicMonkey Tutorial

Browse Animoto belowAnimoto Tutorial

Browse Prezi belowPrezi Tutorial

Browse Basecamp belowBasecamp Tutorial



  1. yeah! this one is awesome….

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