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“My passion is to help others bring out their bright ideas come to life and stand by them as we see it materialize together.”

Hi! I’m Jennyx Duarte living here in the Philippines. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Advertising and also took up a 2-year Computer System Design and Programming course. I served several years as an employee in a software company that specializes in maritime applications which caters both domestic and international clients. I’m the sole graphic artist and basic software tester in the company working hand in hand with the in-house programmers. I provided essential key parts for the whole system creation like creating icons, splash screens, testing beta and alpha phase of the system, error reporting, updating manuals and web content, designing system brochures, data entry, and the list goes on.

As a natural effect of my line of work to my personal life, I have become an unofficial consultant to my unofficial clients too and that would be my family and my friends.

For added spice to my present skills, I’m currently diverting my interests to online marketing, which I started by attending Jomar Hilario’s Virtual Assistant seminars and workshops a few months ago and have joined several online marketing clubs for sustained efficiency. In light of my latest pursue, I’m inclined to make a break on the online arena, which I believe will help me create an overall growth. This blog is actually my first for online marketing jump start. You’ll see more of me in the near future as I have practicing my new skills, I’ll update you whenever I can about it.

Well, that’s about my professional history and know how. My personal passion comes in different mixture of interests. Art, photography, travel, pets … just like any other human being . I love a lot of things, it’s a mix and match. Some of these things I love are still in progress, some have been mastered but halted and some are still in the dreamy land waiting for me to call.

My final goal is to give my family a better quality of living, give myself a personal growth and be successful with it as I grow older.

I always believe, that our relationship with all things and with others should never be overdone as to lose one self. Keep God, our family and our true friends and even exceptional strangers close to us to helps us continually sane and human. We might see ourselves  from time to time as plain and simple but having them reminds as that we are beautiful and essential in this life.

As for my closing, please read my “About this blog” page, which tells the story of why and how this blog has come to life. May you be inspired, get along with my blog and be a friend. Thank you for reading.

God Bless!

If you want to know more about me, just click a link of my public pages. Nice having your interest!

Resume in PDF






Personal Facebook



Animoto Video sample for Dakak Resort

Animoto Video sample for my good friends

I’m also a member or subscriber of the following great sites:

Jomar Hilario’s Online Mentoring Club

Jomar Hilario’s Facebook Expert Marketing

1st Web Designer

Trick Photography and Special Effects


Friends of the Suffering Souls

Redemptorist of the Denver Province

Hope this helps to know me better. If you want to contact me, you can find me here;

email: jennyxduarte@yahoo.com
ym: jennyxduarte@yahoo.com
Skype: jennyx.duarte
cel: 63 2 09164749886
tel: 63 2 8096643


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  1. Hi Jennyx, I am also currently doing the VA assignments under Jomar’s VA Program. I am very inspired with your blog and your tutorials. I hope you are doing a lot better now, 2 years from the time you started the program. Thanks!

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