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An Employee

It all started a long time ago. I was searching for this ideal work setup that will embrace me in a more ideal way. My ideal work setup is less work but more income and less work is more time and this means having the freedom to advance yourself to whatever you like. Lastly, I want my money to work for me not the other way around. But I was clueless as to how. You see, I’m an employee for several years and having to commute 5 times a week was tiring. My allergies are becoming worst by the day,almost everyday I have headaches and flu like symptoms which greatly affects my working capability. I still have to wait for 8 hours before I can get home even if I have nothing to do anymore. Every single day I work on the same things, think on the same routine and every single day I pray to God for that one solution. Then suddenly something hit me! I am becoming laggard, haggard and a little stupid year by year? Talk about routine, my other brain muscles are not working anymore. While a number of my brain muscles are getting slim, my physical body is getting …well heavy…OK fat than I usually am.

A victim of the mouse

It was like that for years, like this picture of me on the side. A little bit frowning, starting to get fat at that time, seeking the ideal scenery to capture but well as it looked like, I was not successful. Why? because I am on the same place, doing the same things, thinking the same ideas and talking to the same group of people. I prayed to God to get me closer or have me meet the right people to help me make this change, this life that I want. It took me many years before something happens. While waiting for the answer, I said to myself if I want these good things, I need to improve my attitude, habits and mind set which contradicts such success so when it eventually comes I’m ready because I’m not going to squander this one. I started searching on the internet for online work, yeah there’s a lot of them. I was a pay for click victim! After all those bazillion clicks within a month, I’m having wrist pain, what’s worst I was still far away from 1 dollar. Then I stop, thinking this is ridiculous after all, from then on I was careful hunting for online stints.

An answered ideal… Bo Sanchez

Then I came to know Bo Sanchez one day, the Kerygma author but I don’t remember how and by whom. I joined his God’s Whisper email subscription and through him I learned about the Citisec Online which is now Colfinancial Stock broker. From then on I know one of ideals was answered. My savings will work for me, well not this time but in the near future.

The second answered ideal… Jomar Hilario – it’s the VA thingy

Then I came to know about Jomar Hilario, the marketing specialist of Bo sanchez and the first to create seminars and workshops about online marketing in the Philippines. But I don’t remember how and by whom again. Maybe it’s Bo. Jomar was beginning his harvest of VA’s or Virtual Assistants here in the Philippines as prodded by his american business people friends. Mind you, their big timers! Jim Rohn anyone? And so there was I browsing through his website, click and click until I became one of his harvests. Ey, sounds creepy. I joined twice his Online Seminar Breakthrough last November 2011 and again on September 2012 for super brain washing effect. Twice?! Hey I needed it.

It opened my eyes to a whole new way of living, the one way I was thoroughly praying for many years. It’s what they call the VA thingy!

Then I bought the downloadable version of the Facebook Marketing Experts Seminar with Jay McClean and joined his OMC 2 club (Online Mentoring Club 2), as if I couldn’t have enough of it.

The Jomar Hilario seminars

The Online Seminar Breakthrough – this is about introducing and preparing you about working from home and the different jobs available online. Jomar is highlighting the good side of a VA that is working from home which will benefit you eventually.

The Facebook Marketing Experts – this is an advance seminar. It is a hands-on workshop about how to manage a business as an online marketer VA using the facebook technology. It covers creating facebook pages, facebook contests and facebook media strategies.

The Online Mentoring Club 2 – This is a step by step group tutorial but applies individual phasing to each topic. Jomar will help the participants how to create a starting business online which will give a passive income eventually. The participants are mentored for a year which means this is a 12 month long workshop.

At the end of his program, he will give participants assignments to complete for 2 months and submit it to his group for thorough checking so you can land a job online effectively. This applies to all his seminars and workshops. Then you can join his facebook group, there you can ask any questions or share any related topic to the participants.

The assignments

This blog “INSIDE VIRTUAL THINKING” is one of the assignment’s requirements. There are a lot of to-do lists before you can publish your resume or online portfolio. But these have something to do with the sure success of your online job hunting as a VA working from home, so that you have an instant edge against thousands of others competing for the same job you want.

So here are the lists:

  • Select 10 tools/programs/websites
  • Self-study each
  • Make a presentation for each (reach 100 slides per presentation)
  • Convert all PPTs to PDFs
  • Upload all PDFs
  • Create a blog about your VA work on WordPress
  • Embed all presentations to your blog
  • Create a Skype account
  • Create an oDesk account
  • Fill up résumé, profile and portfolio in oDesk
  • Take screenshots of résumé and profile in oDesk
  • Write a résumé and save it as a PDF
  • Attach the screenshots and your résumé PDF to an email
  • Create ODESK EXAM BADGES in your Blog
  • Create a CRAIGSLIST account, place everything in it.
  • (Get Certified) Upload 3 videos of yourself into Youtube
  • Embed the videos into your blog

These are really time consuming, energy sucking and sometimes stressful to the mind even if you’re not starting yet but definitely you will learn a lot from this hard work and eventually gain confidence in client interviews!

Pictures pictures!

Jomar is definitely a camera fan, he doesn’t forget to have him and his participants pictures taken, so go to my VA Photos page to see our photos with a touch of the story!

Note: My blog “Inside Virtual Thinking” is an eventual product of Jomar Hilario’s seminar along with the presentation slides. Hope you enjoy the painstaking result!


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