Prezi Presentation Empowerment!

Circle of presentations

Gone were the days that desktop presentations were the top pick for empowering ideas and so it is also a nature’s call that such applications like MS Powerpoint and the likes’ glamorous years are nearly over. Why? Because there is such a thing now that is conquering the slide show power and that is the zooming interface- single canvas power!

Introducing Prezi

Introducing Prezi! OK, what’s the story? Prezi was launched in 2009 in Budapest but was originally created by Adam Somlai-Fischer, an architect and a visual artist. Initially he uses a technique of zooming in and out the keynotes of his presentations using separate scripting. He was convinced by Budapest University of Technology assistant professor Peter Halacsy to create an application which will be for a public release. That was in the year 2007, until they were joined by Peter Arvai as the CEO.

Hmm, interesting keep going…

Prezi is really an interesting application because its style of presentation has an interesting appeal with the use of ZUI or the Zooming User Interface technique. When you create a presentation in Prezi what you will be using is just a single page that is also called a canvas. There are no slides in here which you usually see in MS Powerpoint or even the Adobe Captivate software. All your contents will be in this single canvas, the only thing that you do to point out each section of your presentation is to organize them in a way that zooming-in and out will highlight each sections of contents. It’s an animated canvas as your audience feels the tour of the presentation.

Prezi’s tools that delights

Prezi has five essential tools which you will use extensively to create an impressive presentation.

  • The Prezi Canvas – this is the signle canvas I’ve been mentioning about by which you place, move and organize  all your contents in a fashion that depends on how you will proceed your presentation.
  • The Prezi Frame – this is the tool by which you grouped your related contents to emphasize a particular topic of your presentation
  • The Prezi Path – this is the tool that you will use if you wish to have a defined follow-on path of your presentation from the start to finish.
  • The Prezi Zebra – it’s not a real zebra, but an editing tool of Prezi where you can resize, rotate or edit your contents. The Zebra? The logo is striped like that of a zebra…so there you go…get over it…
  • The Prezi Pan and Zoom – This is the tool which holds the key to activate the animation like feel of your presentation. Zoom-in, zoo-out, pan right and pan left, it’s just simple but it makes the presentation moving like and so is the audience’s view point.

How to be a Prezi master

Simple, just create a free account on Hey did I mention free? Yes it’s free but there’s always a catch. You know, it’s still a business. There’s a free account which is the Prezi Public – here you must publish your work, so it’s never really yours hehe. The Prezi Enjoy account which of course has a fee but you can enjoy your privacy here.  The Prezi Pro account, this is for the professional who wants more than privacy. Prezi Pro users can access the Prezi desktop version! So they can work offline because initially you use Prezi on a cloud level. OK, please refer to the screen shot below to cut the accounts and pricing story short.

Prezi vs Powerpoint

I don’t know why people always want a fight that it even comes down to Prezi vs Powerpoint! Well, since a number of people have started it, I may as well start mine. Tinggg!

  • Prezi is like…WOW! Then jaw dropped, the very two eyes staring intensely following every zoom in, zoom out , left  and right panning, pop here and pop there but then eventually got droopy saliva and eyeballs circling and swirling till it reaches the back of the head. Dizzy….buzzy….head.
  • Powerpoint is like Ummm…Ok..what’s next…Ok that’s fine..Ok..then the very two eyes staring mostly on the audience’s notes suddenly becomes heavy…very heavy…closing, drifting on to the sounds of the clicking lullaby as the 400 or so slides diminishing from the memory. Ah day dreaming again….tud!, uh, are we done?

Hey don’t get me wrong, they are both fine and worthy of praises. Both has the pros and cons. It all depends on how the user enjoys working on it and the audiences’ feedback. As mostly of what I read about prezi’s reviews, they are all concerned about the effect of the animated zooming effects that it causes nausea to the audience. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop using Prezi for that because the control is still not beyond the creator of the presentation. What I recommend to users of Prezi is to confine your visual effects into a relatively reasonable movement so as not to overwhelm your audience’s capacity to absorb motions.

How about Powerpoint’s sleeping potion ability? You cannot change using piling up slides, but somehow later MS Powerpoint versions have added quite interesting gallery of effects like shape styles, wordart styles, shape effects which includes preset 3D options, shadow, reflection, soft edges, glow, 3D rotation, bevel,  recolor, smart art graphics and charts etc., which you can use to improve your contents overall look. It may not be as animated, 3d like dimension as of Prezi but a pleasing to the eye graphics and a catchy phrase can entertain and nail a pack of audience.

Prezi tutorial

Let’s get you the basics of Prezi, click that slideshow now!

I conclude

Funny isn’t it, my slideshow presentation was created in the Powerpoint environment to show you how impressive Prezi presentation is!



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