PicMonkey-ing your Photos!

“If a monkey offers a help to edit your sacred photos, would you trust the monkey?”

silly monkey

The PicMonkey-ing

What is PicMonkey? PicMonkey is a photo editor designed to help you improve your photos in the cloud level. Cloud level? Yes, PicMonkey can only be accessed through the internet. Therefore it’s a cloud-based, browser operating application.

The one that is better

PicMonkey is widely recommended by many users and bloggers alike. More so, they all say that it is better than its predecessor which is the “Picnik”. I haven’t used Picnik and will never be because it went dead a few months ago. But PicMonkey stole the niche, why? The fact that users and reviewers of this cloud-based application swears in union that PicMonkey has a user-friendly, neat looking, uncluttered interface, has a step by step easy to follow instructions, filters and effects features  and of course nothing beats the fun goodies it offers as an extension to other applications like Facebook and Chrome.

Historically, Picnik’s software engineers are also the PicMonkey’s creators. We have no idea why they defunct the Picnik and put all the betterment to PicMonkeys when they can just improve the former. Well maybe, the nik in the pic just got out of the group and the monkey is the new bff?!

Be a friend of the PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a free web tool, so you’re in luck to edit those photos of yours going from ordinary to awesome for free! And there is no registration also. You’re free to begin as soon as you upload. But don’t start yet because I have a special step by step slides for you to begin with, so bear with me just now because it’s still down below. Yeah, I know it’s frustrating….

The PicMonkey photo help tools

Almost all photo editors has the same photo editing features, it only differs on how easy to access these features and how fast the application gets it done after that click, well of course the quality of the result is the main dime too.

If you’re already familiar using a photo editor aside from PicMonkey, these features are just a sweep in the wind to understand and apply but if you’re a first timer, well here at PicMonkey, the monkey do is easy to do! So below are the monkey features.

  • Cropping and resizing
  • Rotating and re-aligning
  • Touch-ups
  • Text tools and text editing
  • Overlays for multiple image control
  • Photo frames
  • Textures
  • Collage
  • Optimizing photo file size

The monkey goodies

If you click on the Goodies menu of PicMonkey, you’ll find these;

PicMonkey Editor for Facebook – Get this if you want the monkey to take a hand of your facebook’s photos. Edit them inside Facebook and proudly share them!

PicMonkey Editor for Chrome – Your PicMonkey Icon will be on the Chromes new tab page, so it’s easy to access plus the integration of PicMonkey to your Google Drive, which also saves and opens your photos.

PicMonkey Extension for Chrome – this is like a screen capture like extension thing. Hit the PicMonkey Icon extension and it will show all images used in the web page you’re currently viewing. You select one image and you can now edit it to your heart’s content.

If you think one of these will be handy for whatever you’re doing then don’t hesitate to pick the one that is right for you or you can just get them all and be geeky all the way.

The PicMonkey Tutorial

Before I conclude, here’s the tutorial ready-made for you.


Start monkeying around with PicMonkey, users have enjoyed it so you may as well join the wagon. Share your fabulous photos which you – yourselves have created with the help of the monkey!


Other image source aside from me:


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