GE.TT real time file sharing!

Real time to GE.TT the It

If you’re looking for no hassle sharing of your precious files, be it personal or business, I suggest you try GE.TT. It’s a real time sharing of cloud data to your dedicated recipients. It boasts uncomplicated steps of making your photos, documents, videos and even music shareable in the web. The moment you select your file, it’s instantly published in the net. The file is already download-ready, so recipients can have it as soonest.

Simple GE.TT for simple steps

GE.TT has a web-based structure, there’s no plugin needed to be downloaded and installed to be a part of your browser. It is purely browser activated, no file server stop for upload waiting before your file gets to appear to be downloaded in the recipients end. also has nice pdf viewer within it where you can view your pdf instantly without the need to download just to view it!

Tracking your Cloud Files

There are two ways you can use GE.TT web service. You can just upload your files without registering or you sign up for an account. If you’re an account user, you have the benefit of  using a 2 gigabytes free storage plus you get to monitor your files. You can track people who downloaded and viewed them.

On the other end, you can send your files through direct e-mailing and the recipient can track that it’s coming from you. You can also send and share files in Facebook and Twitter with just a few clicks or use it with your Gmail and Outlook accounts. Sweet!

GE.TT the Motto

GE.TT’s motto is “Click, Share, Move on”, if you want the challenge sign up now and do the motto!

GE.TT tutorial

To make your life easier, see my tutorial on how to start up on GE.TT.

If you have just signed up, then you just joined these GE.TT users. Congratulations!



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