Flickr yourself and be Bigger!

Get into that Flickr thing!

Wait up, it’s not Flicker with an “e” but Flickr without the “E”. So what can this Flickr-y thing can do to you?

Nowadays if you observe, almost all people are associated with at least one social networking site. There are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, just to name a few. This maybe the thing right now but at least before the trend of whooping your holographic self to virtually any place in the world (like a classic ghostly character in a haunted house movie) comes in, you’ve got the taste of it! Well if ever that comes.

The Early wisdom of Flickr

Flickr is a product of a game named Neverending and was created by Ludicorp in 2004. It was then called FlickrLive. Real -time uploading of users’ photos and chat room was only at the backend but eventually veer away from the game’s package until Yahoo purchased it and became the Yahoo! Photos web service in the year 2005. But not for long when Yahoo announced the closure of Yahoo! Photos in 2007 and advised account users to transfer files back to Flickr site or use other services such as  Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish and Photobucket.

Flikcr became sensational when in 2009, it was used by the White House’s official photographer Pete Souza. He distributed the palace’s photographs to newspapers, magazines and the likes using Flickr web services. This was done under a “Creative Commons Attribution License” meaning it is free to use by others but the original photographer should be credited.

Creating your Flickr Accounts

Creating Flickr accounts are in many ways. You can use your Facebook, Yahoo ID, or your Google account. When you sign up with one of these social networking sites, Flickr will automatically locate your circle of friends who are also using Flickr services.

Flickr has two types of accounts, the free and the pro accounts respectively.

For Free Account

  • the free allows you to upload only 300 mb of photos and 2 videos a month.
  • the flickr admin can delete your account if it is inactive in 90 consecutive days.
  • Owners of the account does not have access to the original images.

For Pro Account

  • Users have unlimited photo uploads.
  • Users have unlimited video uploads.
  • Pro users enjoys no-ads browsing.
  • Will have access to account statistics.

Create solo or be in a Flickr Group

If you happen to love a certain theme in photography along with others, you can create a group. The creator will be the administrator as well. He sets permissions and restrictions within your group and monitors activity. Also Flickr groups can be followed by any flickr fan.

Flickr More

Flickr offers more API’s and applications which enables users to do more in their file management.

You can find them in the “Apps and the API” column down below the site with the developers own Blogs and Guides.

and more…

Flickr is not only a photo and video sharing web service but also a story sharing site. You want to share the stories of your photos? then create a flickr blog and gain some blog followers among your Flickr friends.

Flickr Explore

Explore Flickr vast pools of interesting photos by using explore to a point in time “dropdown box by the month” or the “search by tags” feature.      


Start the Flickr tutorial now!

I have a tutorial here to help you get started with your Flickr account. Just click slides below and enjoy.

Big Ending

Familiarize yourself with the Flickr tools like the latest iphone apps, private and public photo tags, e-mail reminders, sets, criteria and start creating a bigger life and a bigger circle of friends… hey, I heard professional bloggers and other print companies surf their photos from here and you get recognized too! Cool.

By the way below are some of the best pools in Flickr, see to inspire you.

Flickr Best 100 Poll Show

Flickr Best 100 Poll Show

Note: For more amazing views, click the image to see the full slideshow at Flickr. Happy viewing!



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