Animoto – No Sweat Video Creation!

Animoto, the new Booktalker without the sweat?

Animoto is the new talker when it comes to booktalking. What actually is Booktalking? Booktalking is a way of making something like a book enticing to be read at by a lot of people. Technically, it is the way a librarian presents recommended books to students to read and read more. In short, make people hook up to your subject and be engaged into it in a matter of minutes or even seconds. That’s what Animoto is. It is making a rave on booktalking that is so easy, so creative and the availability and portability is just a knock off in this era of online living!

Now, what exactly is Animoto?

Animoto is an online site where you can create stunning videos from your photos, video clips and art works combined with your best loved music and inspiring messages to share with anyone and everyone on the internet.

How to share it?

Your Animoto video can connect with the most well known social networking and photo sites like Facebook, Tumblr, PhotoBucket, Flickr, My Space, Twitter, YouTube and Picasa and is in-sync with Flickr, Animoto makes it easy to share your videos via email, on a blog/website, exported to YouTube, or downloaded to a computer for use in presentations. You can also embed the link or embed the flash output in your own site or blog provided that it accepts html codes.

Animoto tutorial

There is a short and a more way to go about the Animoto application. If you’re in a hurry you can just use the short way and bazam! your done. Now the more way is for the curious one who can’t seem to get enough of the short way.

This is the SHORT WAY, enjoy the nuttiness and stop here.

This is the MORE WAY, you learn more about the exciting Animoto!

This section tells you about the “others” of the Animoto. If you go down the Animoto site, you will see the “others” I’ve been blabbering about.

Animoto for whom?

You see, the Animoto has specializations on different subjects. It is specifically pushing groups of people to use the application for best delivery. It has Animoto for the following groups:

  • Business
  • Photography
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Charity/Non-Profits

Before we begin tackling about these groups, let’s review Animoto’s different sign up accounts.

Animoto has 3 different plans and pricing.

The Lite, which is the free account that is for anyone and everyone interested.

  • It has unlimited 30-second videos
  • HD upgrades available for purchase
  • Dynamic, themed video styles for all occasions
  • 600+ music tracks across dozens of genres (or upload your own)
  • Online customer support

The Plus, have this if you don’t want to be limited to a 30-second video

  • $2.50 per month or $30.00 billed annually
  • Unlimited full-length videos
  • HD upgrades available for purchase
  • Dynamic, themed video styles for all occasions
  • 600+ music tracks across dozens of genres (or upload your own)
  • Download to your computer and DVD
  • Online customer support

The Pro, for the serious and specific-type of users

  • $20.75 per month or $249.00 billed annually
  • Unlimited full-length videos
  • Free HD upgrades
  • Dynamic, themed video styles plus exclusive styles
  • 1,100+ music tracks licensed for marketing your business, across dozens of genres
  • Download to your computer and DVD
  • Unbranded videos
  • White label option available to customize your videos with your own brand
  • Priority customer support

Now, the above plans and pricing may fall into particular group which the Animoto is targeting. For example, the Business, Photography and Real estate groups are beamed for Pro accounts. The Education group has a free Plus account which can be used by educators in schools and students can access that account for unlimited video creation use for their classes. Charity/Non Profit organizations may likewise apply for free upgrade access.

Among the Others – Animoto Partners

Animoto affiliate program

You know what’s another good thing about Animoto aside from the free lite account for anyone, the free plus account for educators and students and free upgrade access for charities? Animoto is willing to be your partner, an affiliate! – for you or anyone else to also earn in the online world. The “Affiliate Program” link is the key to this earning while using. Apply as an affiliate but you must have a Google Adsense account to join. A click on the Animoto link in your website will earn you a profit!

Animoto to developers

Animoto wants to share to developers their award-winning services to users by integrating options such as :

API integration

  • Access to Animoto’s directing and rendering engines through various programming languages.
  • Access to commercially licensed song lists.
  • JSON and XML support through RESTful HTTP.
  • Out-of-box Ruby and Java client libraries.
  • World class documentation, code samples, and technical support.

Flash-based Widget

  • Access to Animoto’s Flash-based video creation user interface.
  • Access to Animoto’s directing and rendering engines for advanced platform calls.
  • Access to commercially licensed song lists.
  • World class documentation, code samples, and technical support.

Quickstart 3 steps

  • Engage – Sign up for a quickstart partner account to tie up your users and your site with Animoto.
  • Connect – Establish brand loyalty by using Animoto for contests and promotions that stimulates customers to interact with you.
  • Earn -Quickstart partners are also affiliates that earn commission on user purchases.

Animoto extras

People will always like the plus tools like plugins, addins, addons etc. maybe that is why Animoto has the Animoto Extras.  Well, they do but to help users enhance their Animoto videos. There is the Adobe Lighroom Plugin and the Apple Aperture Plugin. You can download these, install them and use them to resize automatically your photos before exporting to Animoto for best quality videos and a fast upload time.

Simple Animoto

This is how simple Animoto is –

  • Sign up
  • Choose your design
  • Choose your photos
  • Choose your music
  • Share your video

This simplicity is one reason why people tend to prefer one thing over the others. With all the hassles and bustles around, simplicity and speed is the name of the century! So that is why I recommend Animoto  – for its simplicity, ease of use and creativity. It’s a subzero sweat’n creating a video!

By the way, you can check out my video samples of Animoto, just click the pictures below. Many thanks.

Four Awesomes Animoto Video

Four Awesomes Animoto Video

Dakak Resort Animoto Video

Dakak Resort Animoto Video

Why don’t you start making your own slide show at Animoto now.



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